The Press accreditations will be available in three categories:

A: Non-rights holding television broadcasters and other camera crews
B: Photographers
C: Members of the written press
Media representatives wishing to cover FIDE Candidates Tournament must apply for accreditation through the online media accreditation form at the bottom of this page. Accreditation online is the only official channel to obtain registration for the media. Please note that we are not able to process nominations sent by any other method, such as e-mails, letters or faxes. Likewise, there is no on-site registration desk at the venue.
The accreditation system will remain open for the entire duration of the event. However, last-minute applications, or applications submitted once the event has already started, are likely to be rejected.

A request for accreditation does not mean acceptance. All applicants will receive an email regarding the status of their accreditation – including the non-successful applications. When granted, accreditation covers the entire duration of the event.

The accreditations will be issued following the FIDE Media accreditation policy.

Media Accreditation Policy (PDF)
Photography and Videography Guidelines (PDF)
Media Relations: David Llada
Media Reports: Milan Dinic
For press enquiries please write to

Press accreditation is strictly reserved for media professionals who represent a bona fide media organization. Applicants must provide clear evidence they are on assignment from a specific news organization or publication. A valid assignment letter from that news organization, or publication, is required. The letter must be issued by a recognized media organization and have a specific, verifiable street address and a telephone number.

Journalists who meet FIDE’s media registration criteria will be accredited on a space-available basis, with priority being given to news agencies, TV stations, general daily newspapers, sports newspaper or magazines, and specialized chess media.

Independent writers, bloggers, youtubers, and citizen journalists not endorsed by a professional media, or only endorsed by an entity with no apparent editorial board oversight, are not eligible for accreditation. However, FIDE is endeavoring to take on board the new forms of information dissemination and social networking, and as an exception a limited number of passes may be granted.

Accreditation of freelance reporters who fall within this category will be done on a case-by-case basis. Applicants will be asked to submit additional materials that demonstrate a track record of reporting that meets professional standards. For an exception to be made, FIDE would also demand an impeccable record for integrity and ethical behavior in accordance with the code of ethics of the Society of Professional Journalists, and the FIDE and IOC values.

Accreditation photo must be one recent digital colour photo as per the following specifications:

JPG file format
File size: not bigger than 1MB
Person must be photographed against a plain neutral background
No other person should be visible in the photo
The International Chess Federation reserves the right to approve/reject/request further information on all applications in its sole discretion and without providing reasons for doing so.
At any time, FIDE may revoke accreditation if it is put to improper use; if it has been used to abuse the privileges so extended; or if personal or public conduct is not consistent with the best interest of the organization. The press pass must not be loaned to another person; any pass in the possession of any individual to whom it was not issued will be confiscated.