Covid FAQ

[Amended as to decisions made on 16.07.2021. Technical Meeting and 20.06.2022. Recommendations of the Medical Officer]

Medical Officer of the Tournament: Dr Maria Rubio, +34 658103687

What players/principals and other persons involved in the tournament (media team, broadcast team, volunteers etc.) have to do if COVID symptoms appear?

To approach Medical Officer (Dr Maria Rubio) at the event or by telephone (+34 658103687) to be assessed and to determine if a rapid antigen test and other actions are required.

Confirmation by PCR-test is recommended if a rapid test is positive. Several clinics perform these tests.

As an example:
Calle Recoletos, 20
Phone: 646705494

Organizers will provide PCR tests if the rapid test is positive. The Chief Arbiter and Medical Officer should be informed as soon as a positive test appears.

Is isolation needed in case of a positive rapid COVID test?

Upon local regulation, self-isolation is no longer needed if you have a positive test with mild or no symptoms, but it is recommended to limit social interactions and to wear a mask all the time if you are in contact with people for 10 days since symptoms have started.

However, to secure players, the organization team and the tournament, it is required for the tournament participants having a positive test result to isolate themselves from players, officials and other participants of the tournament who have direct contact with players. They may return to the playing venue when the PCR test proves negative.

If I have COVID positive test, do I withdraw the tournament?

[Amended as to decision made on 16.07.2021. Technical Meeting]

Once a positive rapid antigen test is confirmed by a positive PCR test, the player must leave the Tournament if the medical condition does not allow them to continue playing.

However, if the medical condition allows continuing playing, the player continues to play with an opponent in a separate room until they prove Covid negative. In such a case, Medical Officer would provide additional medical instructions and set preventive measures to be followed by both players. Organizers provide all the necessary technical equipment and arbiters supervision for the game being conducted.

Masks, yes or no?

[Amended as to Medical Officer’s recommendations on 20.06.2022.]

Masks are optional in the tournament setting:
- For the players, arbiters and fair play officers;
- For the officials, volunteers, media team, broadcast team, principals, guests and other persons involved as long as they are not in close contact with players.

Every person except the arbiters and fair play officers entering the playing room needs to be wearing a mask.

If the person has been in the contact with a COVID-positive person, he/she is strongly recommended to wear a mask for 5 days after the contact took place.

Other measures are as follows:

- Temperature of the players is screened at the entrance before the game.
- The chess equipment and pieces are disinfected.
- Sanitizers and masks are readily available at the playing venue.