Meet Our Partners is the world’s largest chess platform, with a community of more than 85 million members from around the world playing more than 10 million games every day. Launched in 2007, is the leader in chess news, lessons, events, and live entertainment. Visit to play, learn, and connect with chess—the world’s most popular game.

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Chessable is the world’s leading e-learning platform and home to the largest library of online chess courses, including masterclasses by chess world champion Magnus Carlsen, top-10 player Anish Giri and 8-time Russian chess champion Peter Svidler and many more.

Chessable was co-founded in 2015 by CEO David Kramaley and International Master John Bartholomew and has quickly grown to become the world’s leading platform for online chess education powered by its revolutionary science-based MoveTrainer software.

Chessable is part of the Play Magnus Group, a company founded by World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen to build and unite the most innovative online chess brands and services. Together these services contribute to an online chess ecosystem that is introducing more people to the benefits of chess, improving experiences for existing chess fans, and enabling more players, coaches, and creators to earn a living from chess.

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PRISA is the world’s leading business group for the creation and distribution of education, news and and culture content in the Spanish, English and Portuguese-speaking markets. Present in 24 countries, PRISA reaches millions of people through its global brands: Santillana, EL PAÍS, LOS40, W Radio and AS, among others. The group has become one of the most important education and media groups in the Spanish-speaking world thanks to its high-quality content, its innovative spirit and its eagerness to embrace the digital economy through connectivity.